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WELCOME to my website.

NEW PAGE: the underlined link on the left takes you to a page which brings together some of my most popular work, often bought as gifts for special occasions - you may find inspiration here for those difficult-to-buy-for people!


We are in the process of building a new home on the Internet for Copper Creatures.

This present site will continue to operate until the new one is launched, and the links and information here still work - but it is increasingly difficult to make updates here.

If you need information, please contact me on

07714 1066 49

--- Emily ---


Below: In November, Lovely's Gallery in Northdown Road, Cliftonville, asked if I had anything suitable for their Narnia themed Christmas window?

Hmmm.... I do make mice, thought me....
I could make Reepicheep....



I made a Hollyhock!

The hollyhock is about six feet tall, and involved a new leaf shape, new flower construction, and - my favourite little detail - the new bud-shape, like a paper lantern, at the top of the stem. The flowers open fron the bottom of the plant upwards, and after having flowered they spiral-fold in on themselves as the seed pod begins to form. Here is a closer image of the flowers:

The strongest feature, as a sculpture, is the contrast between the deep dusky red of the flower and the dark induced verdigris on the stem and leaves.

I also made a new fish!

He's a Blue Marlin, and looks suitably fierce and powerful. The boldness of the colours has worked well, and I was very pleased with the different fin-shapes. They look as if they are there for a purpose, and are the reason why this is the second-fastest fish in the sea. The sculpture is four feet in length.

More new work for 2018 is on the NEW SCULPTURES page.

Plus this guy...

Mind the crab: he's four feet across and the claws mean business. He was at Delamore Arts in Devon accompanied by some smaller-cousin crabs, a couple of badgers, and an owl, amongst others, and a fine display of iris.

This is another owl, delivered with a generous supporting cast including tulips, poppies, agapanthus and water-lilies, at Pashley Manor in the summer. All the summer-opening gardens have now closed for autumn, and the remaining sculptures have come home.

What's best is that they have fitted neatly into my NEW WORKSHOP (more about that later).

Galleries and Gardens: please visit the EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS page to see the other places where my work can currently be viewed.

Note: pictures and prices shown on the Website

The pictures of sculptures shown in the Gallery are usually the first example of a new design, and the price shown is a guide to what that piece would cost. Each piece, however, is an individual work in its own right, and subsequent examples of any design may vary as ideas develop. Therefore the pictures and the prices shown should be taken, as they are labelled, as a guide. See 'Prices and Designs' page for a fuller explanation.

Copyright on all images and designs on this website remains with Emily Stone.

Please note - I'm NOT at the address shown in Google! If you need to visit the workshop, phone me on 07714 106 649 for directions.

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  Rutting Stags seen at The Salutation Gardens, Sandwich; now on view at the Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead. On the right, my largest, heaviest-ever sculpture in progress - now at the Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead.      

Other new arrivals are on the New Sculptures page.


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