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Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Will it go rusty?
No.  You will notice your sculpture changing colour as it gets older; it will go through browns and purples and eventually take on a verdigris green finish.  This is a perfectly normal process and can be fascinating.  Brushing with wire wool or polishing with a metal cleaner such as Brasso will take it back to a bright glossy pink state.  You can resist the ageing process by coating the piece in a lacquer or even beeswax. I have found Halford's Universal Clear Car Lacquer works best. Just remember to re-apply every year to 18 months. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Alternatively you can leave it and enjoy the transformation into a mature verdigris (this process can take up to twenty years, depending on situation). 

On some pieces, like the Kingfisher, the aging process has been accelerated to give the turquoise colour, these pieces must be kept indoors for four to six weeks before being put outside as the verdigris needs time to mature and harden.

Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy the chameleon-like qualities of copper.

Can it go outside, even in winter?
Although copper creatures are wonderful to have inside, your creation can also be enjoyed outside, in the garden, in or near a pond, or perched on a wall.  As long as it is safe from damage by high winds, it can be left out all the year round.

How can we secure it?
This is surprisingly easy as most of the pieces have hollow legs they can have steel rods inserted up them, these are then sunk into the ground or set in concrete.  Emily is always happy to tailor-make alternatives if required.

We are not sure what we want, can you help?
Emily is happy to discuss your ideas and make suggestions.  If you have a particular space in mind she can visit, talk through or sketch possibilities out for you.  She is happy to have a go at most things animal, vegetable or mineral; so get your imagination going!

Anything else we should know?
Remember copper creatures are not toys and they should be kept away from small children.  Some have sharp edges or small parts, so handle with care and watch they don’t scratch the surface they are placed on.  Rounded edges or a plinth can be arranged if this is a worry.

Finally if you have any more questions about the sculptures remember help is at hand, and Emily will be happy to advise you.

Emily Stone
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