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Gifts suitable for Christmas, special birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or just because...

Each piece I make is unique, hand-made by me, Emily Stone. The 'person who has everything' won't have anything quite like one of these unique sculptures.

On this page I have collected some of the mainly smaller and lower-priced sculptures I make, as gift suggestions. For the full range, please roam the Gallery pages and scroll right down the long 'new work' page.

If requested, I can adapt designs to particular needs, or work to a given budget.

Please allow sufficient time for pieces to be made, especially at busy periods of the year. Sculptures can be ordered on the 'Buy or Commission' page of this website, or phone me on 07714 106649 with questions or to place an order.

On the left, my versatile woodpecker: he comes in a range of sizes, and can be supplied mounted on a rustic post to be set up in the garden, on a smart wooden plinth for indoor or conservatory locations, or can be purchased unmounted - he has fixing loops under his feet so that he can be attached to a tree or post. Like all the sculptures, he can be used indoors or can stay out in the garden all year round. Copper does not rust, and where the copper has been coloured (by heating and quenching) it is then lacquered, so the colours are preserved and will not change. Unmounted at £145, or on a post at £225.




Mother duck and her ducklings, life-size. Duck £285, ducklings £65 each.







Individual leaves: oak, sycamore / maple, horse-chestnut, elm, ivy, holly. Prices from £30 to £175 depending on size and detail.




A vine heart, small and simple on the left, larger and more decorative on the right. Simple is priced at £75, larger at £155.


A fisherman in the family? The Blue Marlin is possibly the fastest fish in the ocean. This one is four feet long; the real thing can be five metres long. £725.





How many people make a pudding for Christmas? This is a small size work, five inches tall, priced £75, and the large 10-inch version is available at £145.

A water-lily bird-bath which can be placed near your bird-feeder or in a pond. £195.

A mouse! 4 inches tall, £55. The wedge of cheese is £40.

The anemone flower is bold and utterly unmissable - a really strong red colour. Small and giant versions are available, £185 and £325. See the 'new sculptures' page for close-ups showing better the flower-head and the distinctive ruff of leaves below the flower.

A set of three boats a-sailing, mounted on a wooden plaque where the natural grain immediately calls up waves and shoreline. £225.


An assortment of richly-coloured copper tulips: small and large closed tulips £85 and £125; and small, large and giant open, £125, £175 and £285.

Flag Iris, 4-5 feet tall. Notice how the shapes of the leaves make gothic arches: a row of three, five or seven can create a partition in the garden, separating one area from another. £185 each.


Butterflies vary in size, colouring and price: from £45 for small ones, up to £85 for the large shown here, but there are extra-large and giant versions. See the Events and Exhibitions page at the Hillier Gardens for examples of both butterflies and woodpeckers. Call me and I can email or What's-Ap you pictures of what is available today.

Frogs, £55 each.

Spiders, 4 inches up to one foot, £65 - £125. How unusual do you want to be with your gift? We also have giant ones.

Spider in web, £75.



A simple holly and ivy circlet to go around a candle (not supplied). £75.


A hop bine with hops and flowers, symbol of long life and fertility. 28 inches wide, £525.


I have also made seahorses, ants, wild boar, stags, giant centipedes, seashells, crabs, a baby elephant, badgers, anything from Agapanthus to Zebra, and MANY more... If you have not found what you're seeking here, do please explore further in the website!


A larger wreath, made with large and small ivy and holly leaves with berries, £225. I also make mistletoe!











I have a series of different Dahlias, sculpted in detail, at the suggestion of Steve Edney, Head Gardner at The Salutation Gardens, Sandwich. This is the Cactus variety, price £565.

Because of the level of detail, and the huge weight of copper involved, these two are inevitably expensive; but others in the range are simpler and therefore lower priced. This Pompon is £1950.


Fishes, strongly coloured: £85-£125 each. I have made a huge range of fish in all shapes and sizes, from £40 - 425.

The naturally architectural simplicity of Angelica stems: £135 each.


You can reach me by email at or by phone at 07714 106649.


Copyright on all images and designs on this website remains with Emily Stone.